Clibu V2.00.05 released, 17 Dec 2017

Clibu V2.00.05 17 Dec 2017

  • Clibu "Release Notes" can now be accessed from the User menu.
  • The current Tab is now kept fully in view when you resize the Browser, change and Tablet/Smartphone orientation.
  • The Article panel 'Trash' button has moved below the 'Edit/Add' buttons on Desktop screens.
  • You are now prompted to confirm moving an article to Trash.
  • The Article Edit button is now disabled for Articles  in Trash.
  • The Article floating selection toolbar is no longer displayed for Articles in Trash.
  • Ctrl+Ins no longer creates a New Article. This gets confused with Copy to Clipboard.
  • The Add/Edit/Remove Web Link dialog now sets focus to the Link text field.
  • On narrow screens the Article panel next/previous buttons are now centered horizontally and the Knowledge Base name is truncated as needed instead of wrapping to the next line.
  • On narrow Desktop screens the Article panel Add/Edit buttons stay on one line.
  • Fixed an issue which could occur when typing quickly into the Clibu Query, Query input field.

Clibu V2.00.03 11 Dec 2017

  • A 'Copy' button has been added to the Article floating toolbar. This copies the selected content to the Clipboard.
  • When you click on a link in the Article editor the link text is now selected. This enables it to be Copied etc.
  • When you select article content and end the selection with the pointer outside of the article, the selection toolbar is now displayed,
  • Fixed an issue where the floating editor toolbar could be positioned incorrectly.
  • The floating editor toolbar is now closed when you switch Tabs.
  • When you scroll an article up/down and the floating editing toolbar is open, it scrolls as well.
  • Fixed an error with six or so Tabs open, and using 'Close All Other Tabs' on the Tab menu when these other Tabs had not been displayed yet.
  • You can now select article content in MS Edge when not in edit mode.
  • Pasting images into MS Edge now works. This was an Edge issue.
  • When you click in an article annotation and then click outside of the article Clibu now stays in edit mode.

Clibu V2.00.02, 6 Dec 2017

  • When Clibu is reopened, the previous Queries are now restored for each open Tab.
  • A bug that could prevent Clibu from reopening has been fixed.
  • When you flip orientation between Portrait and Landscape on iOS/iPad/iPhone, panel heights update correctly and floating buttons position correctly.
  • On Desktop Browsers the tip that suggests clicking the 'New Article' button when a Knowledge Base has no articles is now displayed correctly beside the 'New Article' button.

Clibu V2.00.00, 5 Dec 2017

Clibu V2 is a major new release which works on Tablets, Smartphones and Desktops will all capabilities available on all platforms. See this blog post for more information.

  • Search and Tags Filter combined into one simpler user interface.
  • When Search has no matches the current articles view now remains as is.
  • New Tab Bar that scrolls and can be dragged horizontally when there are more Tabs than fit.
  • Updated Editor Toolbar that scrolls and can be dragged horizontally on Mobile devices.
  • When you create a new Article, it is now displayed in the Articles List panel.
  • A new floating text selection toolbar is used when you are not editing an article.
  • When article text is selected and you then select text elsewhere in the article the floating selection toolbar now moves to the newly selected text.
  • More hints when you are starting to use Clibu.
  • Click in article no longer puts it into edit mode, and click outside no longer exits edit mode. Instead there are specific edit start and end buttons.
  • When the Browser window is below a certain width, we now close the KB panel first and then if need be the Tags Tree panel, which is opposite to how it previously worked.
  • When you 'Add a Web Link' and change the text associated with the new link that text is updated in the article.
  • Fixed an issue in Move Article to/from Trash which would raise an error on another PC with the same KB open.
  • The Article Starred icon changes correctly now when clicked.
  • Many small performance improvements and reduced code size.
  • Improved Rename -> Merge Tags article displays update.
  • The Article panel header is updated correctly after an article is created.
  • Various other enhancements.

Clibu V1 Release Notes

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