Clibu V1.32.20 released, 16 May 2017

*** See Clibu V2 Release Notes. ***

Clibu V1.33.20 16 May 2017

  • An issue which prevented editing of annotations has been fixed.
  • Switching to another application while editing an article and then switching back to continue editing, no longer moves the cursor to the start of the article.
  • Editing an article, then turning Article Titles off, then editing the same article again, no longer tries to create a Title.Updated "New 'On Premise' release" notification.

Clibu V1.33.10 28 Mar 2017

  • Updated Networking to help resolve issues with Clibu access in environments with strict firewall policies in place.
  • New Clibu Web Clipper release to work with networking updates.
  • Article panel is now full height.
  • Article Titles are automagically created, with options to enable/disable this.
  • New Settings dialog.
  • New Clibu 'On Premise' Release.

Clibu V1.33.01 12 Feb 2017

  • Major update to Clibu 'On Premise'. See this Blog post for details.
  • The open/closed state of the Knowledge Base List, Tags Tree and Articles List is now retained across sessions.

Clibu V1.32.00 released 7 Dec 2016
  • The Chrome Web Clipper has been updated with new Login dialog, Knowledge Base selection now enables you to use autosuggest to choose the knowledge base and Tags entry has been updated to match Clibu itself.
  • New Clibu Web Clipper desktop notifications have been added and the existing ones made more informative.
  • When Clibu is open in one or more Browser Tabs and you use the Web Clipper after having Signed out of it, you are now able to select from the Server(s) Clibu is open in. This is in addition to the normal Sign In dialog. This enables you to use the Clipper with Clibu 'On Premise' as well Clibu running on any server.The Clibu Web Clipper enables you to login to the same server that an instance of Clibu
  • The Clibu Web Clipper is now available for Firefox, however we are unable to get the folks at Firefox to make it available yet!
  • Search has a new [x] button that clears the search and displays all articles.
  • The Tags Filter now remains positioned next to the Search button, instead of being positioned after selected Tags.
  • You can now create New Articles using [+] in the Articles List panel header. This brings it inline with the KB and Tags panels.
  • You can now insert horizontal lines into the article editor using the Toolbar [-] button.
  • Article editor Quotes (Styles | Quote) now have a vertical line to the right of the quote text.
  • Article editor Indent and Undent commands have been changed to only work with List items, which is their correct behaviour.
  • You can now style inline text as Code using the Article editor "Styles | Code Inline" menu item. The previous Code menu item has been renamed to "Code Block".
  • The Article editor "Styles" toolbar button now shows the name of the style at the cursor.Article editor Toolbar button widths have been reduced slightly to fit more buttons in on one row.
  • Using 'New Tag' and typing in a Parent tag name with a character case which differs to the actual tag now works correctly.
  • The  current Tab's Knowledge Base is now highlighted in the Knowledge Base list.
  • When a Shared KB without full access is opened the user is notified editing is not available.
  • Improved notification messages when moving articles to Shared KB's.
  • You can now Move articles to a Knowledge Base that is shared with you, as long as you have been granted full access.
  • You can now Merge a Knowledge Base into a KB that is shared with you, as long as you have been granted full access.
  • Knowledge Base dropdown auto-suggest lists now include an icon beside KB's that are shared with you.
  • You can no longer delete Article Tags from Shared KB's which you don't have full access for.
  • Updated to latest versions of third party libraries.
  • Server code updates to verify Knowledge Base exists for various API's.
  • All Web components have been updated.
  • Fixed a potential error when one user updates an article another user has open.
  • Startup time should be a bit faster.

Clibu v1.30.42 released 16 May 2016

  • This releases fixes two issues with the new 'On Premise' release of Clibu. Thanks to Robert Regan and Graham Rhind for the help.
  • 'Share' Knowledge Base now works again.

Clibu v1.30.40 released 12 May 2016

  • This is a new milestone release which enables you to install and run Clibu locally on your own PC or Server with all data kept privately thereon. See: Clibu - Install and Run Locally for details.
  • An issue with Merge KBs and Hierarchical Tags has been fixed.
  • The Knowledge Base menu is now closed when you click on a KB menu item.

Clibu V1.30.30 released, 12 Apr 2016

  • Delete Knowledge Base has been implemented. Access it from the Knowledge Base menu.
  • Merge Knowledge Bases has been implemented. Access it from the Knowledge Base menu.
  • Rename Knowledge Base has been implemented. Access it from the Knowledge Base menu.
  • The Tour now starts with the 'Sample' Knowledge Base and a link to start it has been added to the "Welcome" page. Thanks to Andy Brice for raising issues here.
  • The Tags and Knowledge Base Panel(s) now collapse when necessary to ensure the Article panel is in view. This occurs when the Browser window is too narrow to display everything. Thanks to Andy Brice for raising this.
  • When 'New Article' is used or you browse to the next/previous article or page of articles (using keyboard shortcuts) the 'Articles List' panel is opened.
  • The notification which is displayed when a New KB is created now includes a link to the Clibu Web Clipper. Thanks to Andy Brice for raising this.
  • An issue in the "New Tag" dialog where "Parent Tag xyz doesn't exist wasn't cleared when a tag was selected from the autosuggest list has been fixed.
  • The 'Refresh' button at top right of the 'Articles List' now uses either the Search or Tags Filter value for its query, depending on whichever was used last.
  • The order of items on the Tags Tree menu has been changed to move the most frequently used items to the top.
  • The Create and Apply items on the Article Tags autosuggest menu have been changed into buttons.
  • You can no longer create Child Tags named 'starred'.
  • Clicking on popup menu divider line or on a disabled menu item no longer closes the menu.

Clibu V1.30.20 released, 15 Mar 2016

  • The Article Title in the 'Articles List' is now updated correctly when you edit the article and the 'Articles List' set to 'Compact List View'.
  • Create new Tag via. [+] in the Tags Panel now includes an option to create a new article along with the tag.
  • When you create a new Tag via. [+] in the Tags Panel the Tag is now selected in the Tree and Tags filter.
  • Using the Tags Filter directly after a Search works correctly again.
  • Updated the Article editor to the latest version.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Enter on the last line of an article didn't scroll up to reveal the new line.
  • Fixed a bug where the full text search index was being rebuilt each time you logged on.
  • Fixed an issue where some old database collections weren't being deleted.
  • Fixed an internal issue with Knowledge Base Sharing.

Clibu V1.30.11 released, 20 Feb 2016

  • The 'Sample' Knowledge Base is once again imported when a new User Registers or if it is missing from an existing users database. This broke in the last release during all the work on the forthcoming release where you can install Clibu on your own PC or Server.

Clibu V1.30.08 released, 11 Feb 2016

  • V1.30 is a big and important release with many changes including.
  • Major updates to the Article Editor.
  • Major updates to the way Clibu is built, making it simpler and quicker to release new versions.
  • Removed support for Internet Explorer, enabling us to use the latest Web Browser technologies available in all other Browsers.
  • We now track whether a Search or Tags Query is in use for each Tab and restore same when Clibu is opened.
  • Closing the Search box removes highlighted matches from the current article. Opening it displays the matches again.
  • Delete Annotation bug fixed.Fixed issues with positioning Annotations on MS Edge.
  • When you switch to a Tab whose "view" is a search re-open the search component.
  • Fixed issues with Add/Edit Link Dialog link checking.
  • Additional error reporting.
  • Further progress on off-line support.
  • Development of locally installable version largely complete.
  • Fixed a bug where search results weren't always being highlighted in articles.
  • Stop displaying 'Tour Tip' once the tour has been viewed.
  • Streamlined Signup process.
  • Updated Database driver.
  • Updates to the Sample Knowledge Base for new Users.
  • New Compact Articles List Views
  • New collapse panel icons
  • Long Touch on buttons & icons on Tablets displays a tip on what it does and a long touch on items with a drop-down menu opens the menu, for example on a Tag in the Tags Tree or on a Tab.

Clibu V0.9x - 1.20.x - 2015

  • Unfortunately none of these releases were documented, other than in Blog Articles.

Clibu V0.90 released,  13 May 2015

  • The database engine that Clibu uses has been changed to further improve performance and reduce server resources.
  • We've moved Clibu to a new Server to get even better performance and enable us to make other improvements.
  • We've locked down access to the database further improving security of your content.
  • The database driver code has been replaced with a new library enabling full access to the latest database capabilities.
  • 'New Article' no longer moves the article up clipping the top of it. This issue started in the previous release.
  • An issue with validation checks when Moving Tags in the Tags tree has been fixed.

Clibu V0.85.00 released,  31 Mar 2015

  • An issue where restarting Clibu didn't always restore the Tabs from the last session has been fixed. This broke in the last release.
  • 'New Article' pushed the new article up clipping the top of it. This also broke in the last release due to updates for Tablet use.

Clibu V0.84.10 released,  7 Mar 2015

More improvements using Clibu on Tablets & Smart phones including:

  • Scrolling now works when you touch and drag inside article content.
  • The pagination bar is now displayed and included in the scrollable area. 
  • When you select a different page the first article now appears at the top of the page.
  • When you expand and collapse articles the scroll area now works correctly.

Clibu V0.84.00 released,  4 Mar 2015

  • You can now find all Articles that don't have any Tags using the new Tags Tree & Tags Filter item 'UnTagged'. UnTagged can be used in conjunction with the Starred Articles option and with the Trash Tag. If any other Tags are selected when UnTagged is selected they will be removed and ignored.
  • The User Interface for Knowledge Base Tabs has been updated so there is only ever a single row of Tabs. Any Tabs that don't fit on the row are in a dropdown at the right end of the Tabs row.
  • The Tabs drag & drop code which lets you rearrange the order of Tabs has been completely rewritten and now works on Touch devices such as Tablets & Smartphones.
  • Opening a Tab dropdown menu no longer selects that Tab.When you close a KB Tab that isn't the current Tab the current Tab now remains selected.
  • Selecting 'All Articles' in the 'Tags Tree' clears the 'Tags Filter'.
  • Right click on a Tab etc. no longer selects a Tab.
  • More updates for Tablet use.

Clibu V0.83.05 released,  14 Feb 2015

  • Using Clibu on Tablets has has moved a big step forward. All Clibu functionality other than Article creation and editing should now be working. Testing so far has only been done on a Samsung Android Tablet running Android V4.4.2.
  • Clibu now checks that Cookies are enabled when it starts. If cookies aren't enabled images won't be displayed in articles and your log in details won't be saved.
  • Fixed an issue with image downloads in the server which could cause it to crash and restart.
  • The floating selecting toolbar is now hidden when a dialog such as 'Add Web Link' opens.
  • Fixed an issue with entering Tags Filter text.

Clibu V0.83.00 released,  4 Feb 2015

  • Article Annotations enable you to add popup notes tied to selected text anywhere in an article. Notes are added by selecting text and clicking on the 'thought' button on the floating selection toolbar. Notes are shown and hidden by clicking on the link text. They can be moved around when you are in edit mode and also hidden and deleted. Notes are positioned in relation to their associated link text. Notes can contain nested notes.
  • Clibu loads from scratch and reloads considerably quicker than previous releases. This comes about via. new some completely web server code. You should see a noticeable difference.
  • When another user edits an article you have open, we try to only display those changes, instead of redisplaying the entire article.
  • 'Edit Html' mode now works in Firefox & IE?
  • Further work on has been done on getting Clibu working on Tablets. There is still more to do.
  • Fixed various issues switching back from 'Edit HTML' mode.
  • The Firefox issue opening links as popup's should now finally be resolved.
  • Fixed incorrect font display for Status messages in Internet Explorer.
  • The Editor toolbar buttons which set text and background colors could exit edit mode. This has been fixed.
  • Resizing the Web Browser now correctly resizes article content.
  • Some background colors have been changed.
  • Click on a link which includes text formatting such as italics, no longer switches into edit mode.
  • When you click back in article and a Editor Toolbar menu is open, it will now be closed.
  • When you click on an Editor Toolbar button when text is selected the floating 'Selection Toolbar' is now closed.
  • Article 'Date Created' us now formatted as 'Jan 15, 2015' instead of 01/15/2015 for articles created a few days ago.
  • When an article is added to Clibu via. E-mail the target Knowledge Base name is now correctly displayed in the status bar message.
  • Several Firefox specific issues have been fixed.
  • Updated the server to prevent bad incoming emails from crashing it.

  • Updated the server to better report any crashes.

Clibu V0.80.65 released,  19 Dec 2014

  • A new 'Show Only this Article' button has been added to each article. When you click it all other articles are hidden to remove clutter. Click it again to reveal the hidden articles.
  • A new compact view has been implemented for collapsed articles, enabling more articles to be visible.
  • You can now open new articles which are added by either the Web Clipper Browser extension or by another User, by clicking on the notification message which is displayed when these events occur. Note that these notifications are only displayed when you have the target KB open.
  • The 'Tour' has been updated.
  • On Chrome clicking on 'Show Starred Articles' no longer jerkily displays articles.
  • A problem clicking on a 'See Also' link whose target was in a Tab that hadn't been displayed yet has been fixed.
  • Following User Registration several emails are now sent to each user with information about Clibu and their status.
  • When you Share a KB or change a KB's Sharing permissions the correct permission is notified to the target user.
  • When we restart Clibu on the server you could end up with Clibu in the Browser with a dark background and being unusable. This has been fixed.
  • Various server updates.

Clibu V0.80.50 released, 26 Nov 2014

  • An issue where using instead of raised Style Sheet load errors and other problems has been fixed.
  • Create Knowledge Base correctly displays the name of the new KB on the top bar, instead of undefined.
  • A problem where Create Knowledge Base didn't work correctly when the current Tab contained a Shared Knowledge Base has been fixed.
  • Updated Welcome page.
  • A bug introduced in V0.80.30 which prevented new articles being created if they contained images has been fixed.
  • When articles are displayed in Firefox, they are now displayed using the correct styling straight away, instead of after a possible brief delay. This issue was specific to Firefox and was visually disturbing. 
  • A rare issue where Font names and HTML Styles were missing from the Article Editor Toolbar, should now be fixed.
  • Article display is now slightly faster.
  • Internet Explorer. Note: All testing is done with IE11
    - Expand/Collapse Article now works.
    - Articles in Trash can no longer be edited.
  • When another user creates an article in a KB of yours, that users UserName is now correctly displayed in the navigation bar notification message.

Clibu V0.80.30 released, 15 Nov 2014

  • All of the User Login code has been completely rewritten. You no longer have to enter a User name each time you login. There are new 'Forgot Password' and 'Signup' capabilities. The later enables anyone to signup and get immediate access to Clibu and moves Clibu from a closed Beta to an open Beta. 
  • A SIgnup button has been added to the Welcome page.
  • When you Login for the very first time you now need to enter a user name and first/last name. The user name uniquely identifies you and once set cannot be changed. Once you register you will also be added to the Clibu Newsletter subscription list.
  • You can now change your Login credentials (email address & password).
  • Passwords are no longer stored on the server and we have no way to retrieve your password. Should you forget your password you can use the new 'Forgot Password' option on the Login dialog to request a new password be emailed to you. Temporary passwords are only valid for a limited time and must therefore be used promptly.
  • The backend server code that manage Users has been completely rewritten to enable new capabilities such as Knowledge Base sharing and to improve security.
  • A display issue where the Clibu content window could move above the top of the Browser window, and clip the top of the Navigation Bar has hopefully been fixed.
  • A new E-mail template system has been implemented delivering nice looking html emails when you Signup, Share a KB etc.etc.
  • When you add a Tag using one of the Tags Tree menu / button items the new Tag is now selected in the Tree and set in the Tags Filter.
  • When you delete a Tag that isn't the selected Tag in the Tags Tree, the current selection is now retained.
  • For Firefox users, pasting images works again. It must have broken with a recent Firefox release.
  • For Firefox users, when you paste an image the Article now updates it's height correctly.
  • A range of IE issues have been fixed. Issues with the Article editor on IE remain. All IE testing is done with IE11.
  • Ctrl+Ins didn't always add a new article. This has been fixed.
  • Article Tags no longer change color when you hover over them.
  • The Clibu Web Browser Extension has been updated to work with the new Login system. 
  • The Clibu Web Browser Extension will automatically log in whenever you are logged into Clibu in the same Browser as the Extension is running.
  • An internal error which occurred when you click beside 'Create' or 'Apply' on the Tags auto-suggest widget has been fixed.
  • The Clibu Web Browser Extension no longer sets the first item in the Create Tags Parent tag list to italics.
  • An issue in the Clibu Web Browser Extension 'Create Tags' widget where the error tooltip could be hidden behind the widget has been fixed.
  • An issue in the Clibu Web Browser Extension 'Create Tags' widget where the Parent Tag list incorrectly included 'starred' has been fixed.
  • 'Move Tag' in the Tags Tree now prompts you if the tag you are moving is present as a child of the newly selected parent tag.
  • All Dialog code has been completely rewritten to greatly simplify it and present a more uniform user interface with improved feedback when fields are invalid.
  • A problem with the Tour has been fixed.
  • When you use 'New Article' the Tags Tree selection and Tags Filter are cleared.
  • Alt+F is now used for 'Search' instead of Ctrl/Cmd+F.

Clibu V0.71.0 Beta released, 18 July 2014

  • The Web Browser context menu can now be used to Add and Append Clips and Bookmarks to Clibu. See this Blog post.
  • The Web Clipper now processes links and images in selected content that use relative url's correctly.
  • The Web Clipper now does some cleanup of selected content.
  • The Clibu start screen is now displayed when new users visit Clibu and when Login fails.
  • Links to apply for Clibu Beta Access have been added to the start screen and login dialog.

Clibu V0.70.20 Beta released, 7 July 2014

  • Article Summaries have been reworked to get the title to stand out and improve the overall look. This is based on feedback from various folks.
  • The full text search code on the server has been updated to resolve an issue that showed up with the new Web Clipper.

Clibu V0.70.10 Beta released, 4 July 2014

  • Prevent # or @ from being used in Tag or KB Names as these are reserved for Email Subject line.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a link that had italic, bold etc. text didn't pop up the link toolbar.

Clibu V0.70.0 Beta released, 2 July 2014

  • You can now email content directly into your Clibu Knowledge Base. See this Blog post for details.
  • The Clibu Web clipper is working again and is now version 0.67.0. If Chrome hasn't automatically updated it for you, then Remove it and install it again via. the Clibu User Menu.
  • Collapsed Articles only displayed the first one due to a changes introduced in the previous release. This has been fixed.

Clibu V0.66.22 Beta 24 Jun 2014

  • This release resolves an issue that's been hard to track down where articles could jump around vertically, as they were being displayed. It also corrects a problem introduced in V0.66.21 where any key pressed while editing an article could cause the article to scroll to it's top. This was caused by a small mistake in the code to resolve the first issue.

Clibu V0.66.10 Beta 19 Jun 2014

  • The Clibu Web Clipper for Chrome has been released. Use the Clibu 'User' menu to install it.
  • The status area on the top bar has been re-styled to make stand out more.
  • Increased number of articles displayed per page from 5 to 15.
  • Enhanced article summary text display.
  • Changed Tags Tree menu icon as the previous one wasn't obvious enough.
  • The Login dialog displays validation tooltips correctly again. This broke in the last release and would have made it difficult for new users to log in.
  • Inserting a Link could end up with duplicated linked text. This has been fixed.
  • Various server updates.

Clibu V0.65.04 Beta, 29 May 2014

  • Tags Filter and Article Tags auto-suggest now match at the start of each word in a tag, not only at the beginning of the tag.
  • Clicking on a link in an article now opens the link, if the article isn't being edited.
  • Improved styling for Article Links and Headings.
  • When an article query has no results, a message to this effect is displayed in the article content area.
  • PageUp & PageDown keys now work in the Tags auto-suggest lists.
  • Added new server functionality to handle images from external sources and from the new Clibu Browser Extension.
  • Fixed an issue where the server may not have handled certain images correctly.
  • Various changes to work with the forthcoming Clibu Browser Extension.

Clibu V0.65.03 Beta, 23 April 2014

  • A 'New Tag' button has been added above the Tags Tree.
  • 'New child Tag' on the Tags Tree items menu lets you quickly add a new tag to the selected Tag or to any Tag.
  • Selected text can now be used to add a Tag to the current article. Click on the tag button on the selected text floating toolbar.
  • Tooltips have a new look and use a completely new code which resolves various issues. 
  • Different colored Tooltips provide explicit feedback. For example Orange indicates a problem.
  • The 'Rename Tag' dialog now informs you when the newly named Tag exists and that a merge will occur.
  • The 'New Tag' dialog validates Tag text as you type.
  • The 'Edit / Remove Web Link' Dialog should now display the tick/invalid icons at the right end of input fields. On some PC's they were displayed below the input fields.
  • Pressing Tab or Back Tab when a Dialog is open no longer moves to UI elements in Clibu.
  • Firefox: On the Editing Toolbar, color selectors now work.
  • Firefox: On the Editing Toolbar, Font now displays menu items in their actual font and Font size menu items in their size.
  • Firefox: When a dialog opens the first input field now gets focus.
  • Under certain circumstances when highlighted search results had their highlighting removed, part of the highlighted text could also be removed. This has been fixed.
  • Queries clear the article list straight away to avoid confusion when large articles aren't displayed immediately.
  • The Editor toolbar 'Style' button is now set correctly when you click on a different article etc.
  • Buttons on the Article 'Selected' toolbar now display Clibu title tooltips instead of native Browser tips.
  • Queries, including Paging provide improved busy feedback.
  • The 'Expand/Collapse All Articles' button now works correctly when Clibu first starts and the Tags Tree is hidden.
  • The selection toolbar is no longer displayed once a Dialog opens.
  • Updates to server error reporting.

Clibu V0.65.00 Beta

  • Implemented create 'See Also' links to related articles.
  • New floating toolbar makes working with selected text and links quicker and easier.
  • Moved from Alpha to Beta Release status.
  • Hover over links now displays their URL when not in Edit mode.
  • Updates to Link handling UI.
  • Added 'Remove Link' to Web Link Edit Dialog.
  • Updates to the 'Tour'.
  • Fixed Editor Toolbar 'Style' button not always showing the correct style.
  • Updated Server User State code to better track last view query.
  • Various small bug fixes.

Clibu V0.60.13 Alpha.

  • Much faster download and startup time.
  • Fixed an issue with character case of Login "User Name".
  • The Tags Filter and Article Tags fields are no longer left disabled at the end of the Tour.
  • Further improved logging and reporting of server errors.

Clibu V0.60.12 Alpha.

  • Internal release for testing.

Clibu V0.60.11 Alpha.

  • Login "User Name" and "E-mail" are now case-insensitive. Thanks David Bagnara & David Turnblom
  • The 'User Menu' now includes "FAQ", "What's New" & "Blog" links.
  • Clicking on a Knowledge Base Tab while editing an article now re-displays the non-edit mode Toolbar for the original KB Tab.

  • Scrolling a Tags list in the Tags Filter etc. autosuggest list no longer scrolls the Clibu app window of the top of the Browser window.

  • Typo's in the Tour and Support center have been fixed. Thanks Chris Larcombe.

Clibu V0.60.10 Alpha.

  • The Tags Tree is now updated correctly on other clients PC's when you add a Tag to an Article and Move Tags around in the tree.
  • An issue with the Clibu application window scrolling off the top of the Browser window, under certain circumstances has been fixed.
  • A problem with the same user being logged onto multiple PC's has been fixed. More work is required here. Logging on with a different user name on each PC is the best approach at this time.

Clibu V0.60.8 Alpha has been released. 


I refreshed the tab in Clibu and discovered some fresh improvements. Nice touch. It appears that when you activate a note, the style bar has some added features, thanks.

Also in the "tag" tree the "check-boxes" help a bit, again thanks.

Instead of the white back ground on text pages, would it be possible to soften them a bit? I was reading your post at the below site and am using that as an example.  The back ground is a couple of shades lighter than the tan/cream colored border. Actually, I just noticed since I'm "replying" to the article post........... I guess it's this same page. :( da...

The creamy back light  would eliminate a lot of eye strain.

Keep up the great work.


Ken Moshir

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the feedback. I do plan to let you set colors and font sizes etc. for various items in a future release so that will accomplish your request. 

BTW the Tags Menu icon is supposed to be a pencil with a square, not a checkbox. :-)

Sorry for such a silly question but where do i download clibu?



This post came in my mail box & I will reply by forwarding you this link - go to the bottom of the page and fill out the "beta request" & Neville Franks will send you a link as soon as a spot opens. Currently, there is no download PC app. only Cloud based. There are a number of us that are testing the cloud beta app & sending feed back to Neville. I believe there is an 17 hour time delay as Neville lives in Australia. You will find Neville very responsive to your questions as well as Clibu being responsive to your note taking needs. Clibu is a well planned cloud app for it's end-users & much thought has been applied for ease of use. Looking forward to your feed back.


Ken Moshier

Hi Doug,

As per my reply to your Help Ticket:

Clibu is a Web Application you use in your Browser and runs on our server. We do intend to provide ways to let you run your own copy of Clibu on your own PC or server or a server we provide for those who don't want to use it in the cloud.

Ken, Thanks for replying - much appreciated as always.


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